About Writing & A Short Story To Come!


I mentioned in my first blog post and in the section “About Me” that writing is a passion of mine and something I would like to get better at and challenge myself with. It’s my creative calling. I always expressed myself better in written words rather than spoken. I grew up fantasising about being a pirate hunting for treasures on the seven seas, I wanted to be a shaolin monk, a ninja and a wizard and a superhero and a wildling living on the cold, snowy mountains with the wild wolves. Every day was a new adventure when I grew up and I never ever lacked imagination for a new character to be or place to experience. I guess that stayed with me as I grew older. When I learned to read it was always the grand and epic adventures that stimulated me the most, same with movies and any kind of stories. I wanted to be there, in them. The “real world” was never enough. It was and it still is too small for me. There’s not enough room, not enough adventures and excitement and most of all I think there’s no place in the real world for me to fully express and to live out my thoughts and feelings into something concrete, something you can touch, something solid. I don’t know if I explain this in a good way or if it even makes sense reading this, but it does in my head. And I’m not saying the real world isn’t good or satisfying enough, because I have everything I could ever wish for, I am so happy and lucky to be where I am with the people that care for me. I wouldn’t change a thing. I just need more than one world. I have so many thoughts and ideas and stories I want to share with those who want to take part of it. I don’t know if I am good enough to do something real with my writing, but I want to try and see where it takes me because I know it will be my biggest regret if I don’t.

Having a Matcha Latte (my favourite drink) while writing is the best combo for a good time!

So, tomorrow I will post my first short story here on the blog. It will be the first story I share publicly since 2012 when I won a regional short story competition during my last year of high school. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. It doesn’t really matter how many people read it, at least not for now, it’s more about the fact that it will be out there in the open for anyone to find, to look at, to judge. If you read it and have any opinion, please share it with me so that I can learn how to improve.

The story I will post tomorrow is pure fantasy, and if I ever become a real novelist, that’s what I want to write. It’s my genre, where I feel most at home and comfortable. Because in fantasy I don’t have to stick to the rules of society or history or any kind of realism, I can create my own, there’s really no boundaries. That’s why I like it think. Some people are not into that whatsoever and might therefore find it hard to understand the story since it takes place in a world very different from our own. But I want to try to attract non fantasy-lovers to read and enjoy my work as well. The goal for me is to make everyone feel like they can relate somehow, and when it’s fantasy and the story is set in a non-real world it becomes even more important to be able to connect to the characters. I don’t think it matters in what settings a story takes place as long as the author is able to express the reality of emotions, of strong feelings. Because if we can relate emotionally any story can be real. At least that’s what I think.

Writing on the computer is obvuoisly faster and easier but I love writing by hand. It's something magical with holding a pen, especially if you write in a beautiful notebook.
I carry this one with me almost everywhere.

I will do my best to regularly post short stories here and I will also try to write in different genres, not just fantasy, since I want to challenge myself to be good at different types of writing and being capable to express and tell different stories.

Please, come back and read tomorrow and any kind of feedback is welcome so don’t be shy if you have an opinion about what you read.

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Wish you all a wonderful day!


27 Jun 2019